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03 July 2008 @ 06:34 pm
Girlfriend For Hire [Reita | the GazettE] .:Part 2:.  
 Title: Girlfriend For Hire
Chapters to Expect: 3/??
OC: Akashiya 'Shin'
J-Rocker: Reita
Rating: G (So Far X3)
Summary: Well this is how Akashiya got into the buisness and how it all begins.
Author's Notes: Well this series is interesting and so far has a good response, but I am slow to update it XD

Part 2 ~ The Way we Are
“Shin, I’m bored” Yuki sobs as I walk around the back of the store. Ren said she be here around ten tonight and its fifteen past. Yuki rolls around on the wheelie chair as she tries to find enjoyment in it.
“Don’t complain to me” I say as the bell jingles as someone enters the store.
“Are we at the right place?” one person asks as another person scoffs.
“Ren said to go in and wait for her” The person who scoffed says as Yuki rolls her chair over to the doorway that separates the back room from the main store and gasps.
“I see five hotties, who remind me of the GazettE” Yuki says as I shrug and spot an interesting machine.
“Want something to do?” I ask as the woman rolls over and nods, then I point to the machine as we look at it, then each other and back again. An evil grin on our faces as we stroll over to the machine and start to play it.
[1 Hour later]
“Hahaha, I should have known you two would attack that thing” Ren says as me and Yuki sat on the Dance Dance Revolution machine, dead tired after playing about eight games on Standard border lining Heavy mode. I hung onto the railing while Yuki sprawled out on the floor.
“Can’t…help…it” Yuki pants as we were oblivious to the fact more than Ren was watching us in interest. I wipe away the droplet of sweat off my brow as I move my hair off my face, despite the fact it was plastered to my skin. Yuki continues to lay there as her hair hung onto her face like it was drawn on.
“Well, you two need to be more presentable for our patrons” Ren says as a smirk appears on her face as neither of us moved, we knew we must look dreadful. I felt my arm slips as I fell to the floor with a thud. “Shi-chan, are you ok there?” Ren says concernly as she made her way to my side as I groan in pain.
“I’m fine, just tired…Yuki just won’t give up when I keep beating her” I murmur as Ren laughs and drags the group, including me and Yuki to the back sitting room. I yank my hair into a make-shift bun, same with Yuki.
“Alright then” Ren starts as she sat at the top of the table while me and Yuki sat across from five, and undeniably, Hot men. “Shi-chan and Yuki meet Uruha, Aoi, Ruki, Reita and Kai” She introduces us as we give a small greeting and bow. “Yuki, talk about yourself”
“Komban wa Yuki desu. I am your average waitress at Dark Wolves. I live alone with a cat named Tsuki-Hime and I am good at cooking, but not as well as others. I am considered the mother out of me and my friends for some reason. I like to have fun and I really dislike people who get angry over the simplest things. That’s about all I can think of” Yuki says as she gently gives the group a motherly smile, they all smile back with a slight blush. A special trait of Yuki’s.
“Good Yuki-chan, Shi-chan” Ren says as I let out a small sigh.
“Komban wa, Watashi wa Shi-chan desu. I work as a Chief when not working for Ren-san. I live alone and I seem to have a talent with cooking. I am considered to be mature, but I can’t see how that is really possible” I say as I look at Ren and Yuki, then back to the group. “I’m a hybrid of Japanese and Australian with a dash of Korean. Don’t ask if I am wearing contacts, I naturally have reddish eyes, that’s how I was born. I like to run and watch movies when I have nothing better to do and I really don’t like people who lack confidence” I conclude as I give them a soft smile as they all blush even more.
“Well, that’s the two we have free for you” Ren says as they all start to talk among themselves as I look at my hands while Yuki tugs at her belt chain.
“We came to a decision” The leader like guy, I think he is Kai, says as the rest nod. “Since Reita can’t cook to save himself, he should go with Shi-chan and Aoi hasn’t stopped perving at Yuki, he can go with her” Kai says as the group nods as me and Yuki give each other a quick nervous glance before looking at Ren.
“What do you two say?” Ren asks as Yuki shyly shrugs.
“I’m alright with the decision” I softly say as a strand of hair falls out of place. Yuki glances at all the men and finally spots Aoi and blushes, since he is staring so intensely at her.
“I agree” Yuki says suddenly as I look at my hands yet again, until the sensation of someone looking is noticed. I look up and locked eyes with the one I presume is Reita. I give him a smile as he blushes and looks away.
“Since it is agreed, we need to deal with contracts” Ren says as Ruki, Uruha and Kai leave the room for us to deal with business.
[1 Hour later]
I shut the door of my apartment and sigh as I sulk to the shower and quickly bath myself and change into something more comfortable, like baggy pants and a singlet. Someone knocks at the door as I sigh and open to see my landlord.
“Yes sir?” I ask as he frowns at me.
“Miss Akashiya, your late home again and I am here for the rent” he stiffly says as I reach inside, grab my wallet and pull out the rent money and hand it to the balding man, who leaves with a huff. I close my door and then, what luck, my mobile rings, I answer it without looking at the caller ID.
“Moshi Moshi” I say as I hear a slightly nervous voice reply.
“Shi-chan, I need to ask for a favour?” a masculine voice asks as I decide to look at who called me.
“Ah, what is it Reita-san?” I ask as I sat down and stretch legs out in front of me.
“Can you come over? I know it’s late and we just met…but I have a feeling someone is watching and I can’t have a shower” he says as I smile, holding in the laughter at Reita’s current situation.
“Let me change and I’ll be there in a little while” I say as he agrees and we hang up.
~This is what it means to be a Fake Girlfriend, maybe I should have said no~ I thought as I pull on a purple pleated skirt and a white singlet with a red butterfly design. I walk into the lounge room, while tugging on a black trench coat and grabbing my motorbike keys and helmet, as well as gloves. I quickly put on boots, leaving the apartment and locking it. On the way out my landlord gave me an angry look as I sat on my bike and turn it on, leaving as quickly as I could.
 Before long I had parked outside where Reita lived, while he wasn’t on tour. I took off my helmet to have a better look at the place. It was a fancy looking apartment but it didn’t bother me as I felt someone look at me, I turn and spot a person up a nearby tree, glaring down at me. I give a small smile as I walk into the lobby and up two flights of stairs and knock on the door.
The door opens as I see Reita looking down at me.
“Shi-chan, thank you so much for coming” he says as he invites me in. I took off my boots, as Reita gently takes my helmet from me.
“It’s not a problem” I say as he sits in down on a cupboard as I walk over and sat my gloves with it. I look at the man silently as he creeps closer to the window. He looked quite afraid at the moment, must be the person in the tree doing this to him. His black/blonde hair hung around his face as he continues to look outside. I walk up to him and look out too, only to see the person glaring at us and muttering something incoherently.
“This is kind of creepy” I suddenly say as Reita jumps back in surprise at how silently I crept up.
“Yea, it is” he says as he pats my shoulder. “I’m going to have a shower” he says as I nod and continue to look out the window. The person seems to have given up as they climbed down from the tree, running out of view and around the corner and possibly down the street. I continue to look out the window as I twirl a strand of white hair around my finger.
“You ok?” Reita suddenly says as I glance over my shoulder to see Reita in nothing but baggy pants and drying his hair with a towel. My fan-girl side was dying of a nose-bleed and my current sane side was resisting the urge to drool at the sight of a well toned chest.
“I’m alright, but whoever was watching decided to leave” I calmly say as he lets out a sigh, I look down at my hands as I continue to stay where I was standing. I fell back into thoughts trying to relax myself until I felt someone drape their arms around my neck from behind and a head sat on my own.
“Are you sure? You seem a little pre-occupied” Reita whispers as I lean back on him.
“I’m just thinking that’s all” I say as he continues to hold on.
“What are you thinking about?” he asks after a moment’s silence. I give a small laugh.
“Well, it depends” I say as I felt him tilt his head, probably in wonder.
“Depends on what?”
“Depends on what you want to know”
“I want to know what you are thinking…is it me or something else?”
“A little bot of a and a little bit of b” I say as he sighs, I smile at the fact I can confuse people without trying, especially with questions.
“Why are you thinking about me?” he suddenly asks as I widen my eyes in surprise, I never expected that.
“No idea, possibly because I met you and I want to know more about you”
“I see…want to watch something?” he asks as he lets go of me and sits on the lounge as I glance to see him looking at me in interest. I walk over and sat next to him.
“Sure” I answer as he puts a random movie on as we both sat there in silence, comfortable in each others presence.
Feelings: dorkydorky
Sounds: Wreckage ~ Baal